BioNova vascular prostheses

BioNova vascular prostheses Omniflow II is the biosynthetic vascular prosthesis for peripheral revascularisation and arterivenous access. The unique feature of Omniflow II is that it is made to a specific design. Chemical cross-linking and sterilisation results in a custom-designed prosthetic material that combines the durability of a synthetic material with haemocompatibility similar to that of a natural blood vessel. When an artificial prosthesis is required Omniflow II has significant advantages over synthetic prostheses. With greater long-term reliability Omniflow II is more cost-effective in the longer term. This is also of benefit to the patient with fewer procedures to undergo. This is of particular importance to older patients in whom general health considerations increase the risk of repeated surgical procedures.

Omniflow II is available in three configurations:

  Omniflow II Vascular Prosthesis for Peripheral Revascularisation
    For bypass or repair of peripheral arteries. Available in diameters of 5, 6 and 8 mm and lengths of 20- 65 cm .
  Omniflow II Vascular Prosthesis for Arteriovenous Access
    For vascular access in haemodialysis. Available in 6 and 8 mm diameter in a curved configuration with lengths of 30- 45 cm and as a straight prosthesis of 20- 35 cm length.
  Omniflow II Vascular Patch
    For various requirements in vascular repair, particularly carotid patching. Available as a 10 x 2.5 cm vascular patch.