Flowmeter, VeriQ Well-established ultrasound principles such as Transit Time Volume flow and Doppler velocity measurements have been adapted to meet specific needs in the operating room. Probes utilizing transit time and Doppler have been combined to optimise graft placement and assessment. A start-up time of less than 30 seconds and a reduced need for user interaction means that use of VeriQ adds only minimal time to the surgical procedure. A large 15" LCD touch screen with an intuitive user interface displays all significant parameters and is easily readable, even from a distance. The new hardware platform allows for four flow, two pressure and two auxiliary channels in addition to the new X-plore channel. Every measurement is saved in a dedicated, high capacity patient database, keeping record of all measurements and data entered for each patient. Hardcopy reports for the patient notes can be produced easily within seconds by the on-board colour printer, or exported to the CD-Rom/floppy in HTML format for easy distribution to the hospitals computing network.